The individuals born on 31st August fall in the cusp of Virgo sunshine, i.e. the 2nd house of Earth Traividya, which is more influenced by the sun, Uranus and mercury.

The prominent effect of Uranus will reveal your individualistic aspect more than that of any other trait of yours. Being very liberal by ideas and work, you will be regarded as unconventional and eccentric who will not fit in the planning of others.

It will be the hardest job for you to subsist with your kiths and kins as you will protest against restrictions and criticism. But if such circumstances will trap you then you will break the chain of bondages and will travel a lot.

In context of indulging in intimate relationship, patience will be required. But in case you will have surfeit of sources then you will be alone enough to credit unlimited success in your business or work.

 Your ideas will be unconventional regarding life and religion. Your straight-forward nature will result in increase the number of your rivals.

Many exceptional experiences will wait for you to be witnessed in life.

Economic condition: Understanding your outlook regarding financial matter will be complicated. You will not care much about money. You will require money as it resorts you the empowerment. In trade, your disposition with your subordinates will be either trustworthy or skeptical. Working alone & independently will be advantageous for you. You can go through both aspects of any issue and can argue from both perspectives.

Being a banker, you can grab the success. Your mind will conceive creative ideas in any working arena of yours. And your wisdom can fetch handsome money to you.

Health:  The state of your health will depend upon the ambience where you live. Tension will cast its dark shadow on your sound health. Worries will engulf you; you will be submerged into sadness and thereby, will become composed. Toxin can lead to your health damage. Some disorders and mysterious diseases can also make you ill and the diagnosis of it will be difficult.

Your bones will become abrasive and soft. Therefore, be alert and get off any injury of limbs and sudden fall as far as possible. Your vertebrae can also become weak or can meet injury.

Under the impact of Uranus, two types of individuals are categorized-the one who becomes over-weight till reaching to older age. Such individuals live under the risk of confronting comma.

The second type of individuals sheds their body weight till old age. They ought to be alert as nervous disorder may attack; otherwise, paralysis can also hit.

Important numbers and dates for you will be: 4, 13, 22, 31 & 8, 17 and 26, especially from 21st June to the end of the month ‘August’ and then again from 21st December to 19th February. You ought to finish your significant work assignments on the aforementioned dates.

However, you will be magnetized towards the individuals born on the foregoing dates but presence of such people will not be considered as auspicious in your life.

The most propitious colours for you will be: All shades of sapphire along with golden, yellow, orange and copper.

The auspicious gemstones for you are: Sapphire, diamond, ruby and Topaz.

The most important years in your life will be: 4, 8, 13, 17, 22, 26, 31, 35, 40, 44, 49, 53, 58, 62, 67 and 68.